Re,Re,Re Project

Reshape ,Recolor, Regenerate


Our project

when we first came to Lazarus center we quickly understood this place is not children suitable.

We started to think like children. what would a child need in a place like this?

first of all we researched colors. The dominating colors of the room were yellow, a tad of blue and off-white. This colors are not recommended for rooms that people study in and they are sending a lonely message. our color choice were:

Green-for concentration

Orange-for creativity

Purple-for relaxation

We decided of using a square shape that represents Stability.

Secondly, we decided to change the Bars by painting them Green because in their former state they were alienating.

In addition, we wanted to do something to make the exterior of the room more inviting by coloring the exterior in a playful way

Also, we wanted to change the furniture to a functional and recycled one.

The process was not easy for us because there is always a gap between our ideas and creating them in reality and also, team work is a always difficult. however, I think we learned a lot .

Re Re Re Project

Re Re Re Project


presentation on flickr

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