PoP Up Room Project

pop up room from lazaros colman on Vimeo.

Lazaros center in Holon is a center that provides the city habitants variety of activities. The center wishes to give them a place to meet, to learn , to create and to be enriched from .

The class that is used by the children serves a variety of functions during different hours of the day. organized activities or a gathering place. The class needs capability  to accept the transformation the activity needs, and sometimes serves  multiple functions simultaneously .

The place’s interest  is that  the children will want to spend their time there

we understood that for this place , we need to change our basic instincts regarding a pleasant environment for children to stay at and be around .

Does color ,shape and light make a difference in the essence of the room for children? can it make a difference in the way children observe their space?

We have decided to create a functional space which can adjust itself space wise, for different needs.

The furniture we have designed for the class is a come apart furniture and it can divide to small amounts of parts.

The parts of the furniture can be hang on the walls surrounding the room.

Another thing we decided to change, is the lightning system. in the current situation, the neon light is permanent. the light division does not match the room’s different  functions. It gives the room a cold appearance, and does not indulge concentration.

We have decided to make a dynamic lightning system which moves on rails in the ceiling ,it can move according to the needs and therefore defines a place.

Also the warm lightning hue helps concentration and gives the children a better learning environment.

Our shapes of choice are simple  geometry shapes with round finish which gives an organic feel while the colors are natural colors that combines with the environment

Pop Up Room Project

Pop Up Room Project

Pop up Room Project

presentation on flickr

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