Multi-layer DIY Project

The final project is a combination of the initial research and the needs of the
occupants : children and tutors.

It is part of a radical transformation since the introduction of greater
clarity in the room on both floors and the roof part affecting the
study area. Previous research on the most appropriate colors for each of
the areas , is applied to the treatment of the  floor that is made completely of
vinyl .

On a base of gray, in the study a series of squares are placed at
different intensities of green, which promotes concentration of students,
and on the other side of the room tables and lines of different colors are
placed to be more inviting for children.

On the walls of the need to maintain several of its current uses and after
reopening the window that communicates with the outside , a grid that
provides a continuous floor with squares is created and allows the
installation used for blackboards , corks and magnetic areas . At the same
time images and pictures that link the passerby people with current users are
placed. Also to mark the frames permit new activities in the future .

The furnitures are a combination between recycled sofas and new open
source design furnitures . In Both cases , the colors connect  with the rest of the room .

Outside , the rules are the same but in this case emphatasing the entrace
with green colored to mark the diference . The grid is used to explain
part of the things that take place inside the room .

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