About Us

This  is a Studio which took place in  “College of management”, Rishon Lezion, Israel and Fablab, Holon, as part of Interior Design Program directed by Carmela Jacoby-Volk.

Guided by Patricia Muñiz + Luciano Alfaya [MMASA Estudio] and Ohad Meyuhas [Fab Lab Israel].

We tried to co- operate for the bigger cause of improving the children’s activity room using a symbolic amount of money. We  examined the  children’s activity room in the center, their needs and our resources.

The students were divided to groups and each group handled a different problem but in the end we did it all together.

In the studio taken part Daniela Vais, Karin Sultan, Hagar Mazuz, Lee Aviv, Lipaz Boublil, Liron Kemplis, Eyal Amir, Ido Vinakur, Shahaf Rubinstein, Moran Suliman, Ofri Yifrach Akouka, Shiri Schreiber, Hadas Warhaftig,  Maayan Metzer, Abigail Fridman, Liron Schiller, Michele Tyszler, Shani Kaczelnik and Monika Herbst.

Our acknowledges to Ida, Dana, Igor & Revital [Fablab], Eyal & Nir [Digital Art Lab], Iski [homecenter], Beki and Ori.

Spacial thanks to Omer, Barak and all the people from Lazaros Center, for their help and trust!

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